About Us

Let us tell you the tale behind the Tale Socks. Our long and colorful journey started in February 2015, when a young entrepreneur set out to explore the world. He searched for five years and developed the perfect combination of style, quality, and comfort in a design as unique as you.


Socks are not just an article of clothing. At Tale Socks, we believe that they carry the full weight of your own personal story. The socks that we wear are more intimate than a bold statement. What you have on your ankles is a tale of your confidence. This all adds up as a tale yet to be told. Tale Socks has developed the best possible ways for you to tell it. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to combine the world’s best designs, and the most premium fabric, and stitch it with care and perfection for the ideal experience that you deserve. The idea is to blend comfort and ease with style and class all in a single product. Tale Socks is beyond what you see on the shelves everywhere. We provide an elite class of products that are beyond the vision of mediocre products. 


Why Tale Socks

Welcome to the tale of new and exciting designs, inspired by local Malaysian art and culture. They are bound to please your aesthetic sense and appeal to the artistic mind with nostalgia. We strive to make sure that we always have various options, each just as classy and best in quality as the previous, so nothing comes between you and your next favourite pair of socks.